Wednesday 8 July 2009

The Group Punishment

Inspired by real-life events, I've thought of a scene that I would very much like to play. The situation would be this: a group of girls, possibly dormitory-mates? Or maybe something else, members of the school orchestra? Someone would have been spotted from afar, in the act of committing some misdemeanor like sneaking back into the dormitory after an out of hours/out of bounds trip; or was it that a stack of alcohol had been discovered at the back of the orchestra rehearsal room, but no-one would admit any knowledge of how it got there. No one will own up, nor will they get their friend into trouble by naming her. So the teacher is left with no choice. The girls are called to a classroom one evening. The desks have been moved and are arranged in a circle round the edge. Each girl is instructed to go and bend over one of the desks. The teacher moves round the circle one by one, flicking up the girls skirts and pulling their knickers down. Then utters these words:
"You know why you are here. I am going to cane you all. One stroke at a time. We will continue until the guilty party owns up, or someone else cares to name them. Then you will all receive the same number of strokes again. So it is in your interests to speak up as quickly as possible. Does anyone want to say anything now?"
There is silence.
"Very well, we will begin."
And so the teacher moves round the room, one measured stroke at a time. The girls bent over cannot see anyone else because of the way the desks are arranged, but they can hear. Hear the swish, the gasps, the exhalations, the barely contained sobs as the cane moves round the room. How long will the girls last without breaking? Who will be the first?
It's a common fantasy, I'm sure, but it's not one that I've ever really thought about before in terms of playing. I'm thinking about it now though...! It would be pretty intense for me, as I find listening to the noises of someone else's spanking/caning happening much harder than just watching one, especially if the person is a friend. Intense but worth it.
All I really need is a few fellow victims and a cane wielding teacher. Any volunteers?


Irelynn said...

Me! Me! I'm in! :D

What are you doing, posting on your blog at 5.45 in the morning?! That's horribly early, even for you. Yes I was awake by then too this morning but that's because my stupid leg decided it needed to start hurting. I have an excuse. :P

Tepees said...

Hi there,

YES, most definately I would take on the task of extracting a confession... :)

Mr Melman

Jessica said...

I am sure He Who Must be Obeyed would be more than happy to be the headmaster and provide the schoolroom - but not me I'm afraid. It's really sad, but if it's me, I always own up - I would never let anyone take the rap for me. And if I had to take it for someone else and subsequntly found out who it was, I'd make their lives a misery!

Angie said...

oh gosh!

That is very interesting, although I can't say I'd ever thought of that though; perhaps because my school didn' spank. Although we did have some teachers that were overly fond of group punishments.

Hmmm, if I was the only guilty party, I'd give in right away, if it was me, and and several of them, I'd try to hold out, so as not to rat them out, although the problem is I'm not terribly brave.

My luck, I'd have no idea who did whatever, and would be just there,bent and bare and bawling!


Graham said...

Ooh, I'd be in. Only if I was innocent though. If it was me, I'd just feel like a jerk making everybody go through that. Hmmm.... maybe what would happen is that one of the girls (an innocent one) would finally have enough (of either being thrashed herself or hearing the cries of her friends) and would falsely confess. Later, the girls would exact revenge on the actual guilty one...

Ahhhh must stop thinking up scenarios I am too far away to participate in!

Eliane said...

I found some of the comments interesting, especially Jessica's around unjust punishment/owning up, but I think I might write a post about my thoughts instead of trying to do justice to them here.