Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Buying Hitty Things

I went to LAM (the London Alternative Market) with Rebecca on Sunday. It was my first time going to one of these events, and while I was actually going to scout out corsets, I ended up with no corsets and several hitty things, displayed below.

Not the best photo in the world, but hey. At the top of the screen, a beautiful, very well worn, razor strop. I love well used implements, the leather is supple and beautiful. In the middle is the world's prettiest flogger. Pink suede, gorgeous wooden handle, the tails are probably about 12 inches long. It's from Jack's Floggers. Rebecca also bought a gorgeous leather one, giving me serious flogger envy. I'm going to have her take a photo so I can order one like it online.
Incidentally, it's useful taking a friend who has some topping ability to an event like this - they can "help" you try out anything you might be interested in buying, as well as cooing over pretty things with you.
And at the bottom, ladies and gentlemen, we have, it seems, a willow birch. I would like to point out that I DID NOT BUY said implement, the person who sold me the razor strop very kindly threw it in for free, much to the amusement of my fellow shoppers. Um. thank you so much, Mr Seller Guy. I'm not quite sure what to make of that one. Rebecca thinks it will be pretty nice and break fairly easily without doing much damage. Then again, she likes canes, so I'm not sure I want to listen to a word she says ;-)
I think the birch might be hidden away somewhere, out of sight being out of mind and all that.


Angie said...

Well that would have been a rather fascinating shopping trip; sorry you didn't find your corsets though.

And 'hitty things', I like that.

And I'm like you, I like used things, like imagining the bottoms that have felt them before me, what was that person like, what had they done...

You're absolutely right, gorgeous is the only word to describe your flogger.

And gosh, just how bad Were you acting up there that he threw in a birch!?


PK said...

Beautiful finds! The strop interest me the most but I would love to try any of them. Enjoy!


Jessica said...

oooo corsets! Let's go to Fairy Gothmother!

J xx

Rebecca said...

She was actually being very good when he threw in the birch but was so horrified at the very thought I think he may have just done it for a laugh...