Friday, 17 July 2009

Survey Results

So, what do you all love and hate? Well, first of all, I need to justify a couple of my choices on the list. I had complaints (sorry, comments!) from Abel and Frank that I hadn't included birches and hairbrushes respectively in the favourites list. There's a reason for that, guys!! Don't forget I'm writing this from a bottom's perspective, and if any of fellow bottoms would like to correct me and say that yes, indeed, the hairbrush or birch is their absolutely favourite, first choice, be spanked with with that above all else implement, I will happily stand corrected. In fact, if any of my readers who identify as bottoms come out and truthfully state the above, I will willingly be dealt with with either of those implements. That's how confident I am that no bottom in their right mind would name them as a favourite!
So, going back to the list, the results for favourites were as follows:
31% Cane
28% Hand
17% Strap/Belt
7% Something else
7% Wooden Paddle
3% Flogger
3% Tawse
3% Wooden Spoon
Nobody loves the poor lonely slipper and leather paddle.

So, some thoughts. Canes winning?!?? I hope that's because toppy types were voting. If 31% of you bottoms like canes as your favourite implement, you're all certifiable!
I'm not surprised hands came a close second, or straps and belts. If I had an order of preference, they would probably come second and third. For me though, flogger will always win. I have a lovely thuddy flogger and it's one of the few things I could just go on being spanked for hours with.
I'm surprised 7% of you voted for wooden spoons, and equally surprised that only 3% voted for tawses. I'm wondering how many of the things that got few votes are actually people's second or third choices? I could ask that, couldn't I? In fact, I can keep on doing polls and never have to write a post again ;-)

And so to least favourite implements. First of all, many apologies for not putting hairbrushes in the poll. A silly oversight, as it does truly deserve to be in there.
26% Cane
26% Wooden Paddle
16% Wooden Spoon
11% Slipper
11% Something Else
5% Tawse
5% Birch
Everything else, no votes.

So, 31% of us love canes the most and 26% hate it the most - if nothing else, it's certainly an implement which we feel strongly about! I have to say I'm not surprised to see either canes or paddles up there at the top. They are both pretty horrible. Wooden spoons, slippers, hairbrushes, tawses and birches... no surprises in this list. My own personal demon is the cane. It used to be the hairbrush but that's probably now reserved for second place. I don't think I have a love/hate relationship with canes, I just have a hate/hate one. Some canings are easier to take than others, and I do LOVE having stripes. Receiving them, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter. So, any tops who play with me... if you want to make me behave, just threaten me with the cane. Especially thin, whippy, stingy, evil little buggers. I'll behave straight away, no need to actually use it! The threat will suffice.

Thank you all for your answers in the polls!


Indy said...

I feel so sorry for the leather paddle. And I do like them, they just weren't in first place!

Hairbrushes and wooden spoons? It's a toss up!

Casey Morgan said...

Actually, in all honesty, I really like receiving a small hand birch. In some situations, it is in fact my favorite.

Hermione said...

I would have voted for the leather paddle as second place. It's our most frequently-used implement, so when the belt or strap comes out instead, they're such a treat. That's why I put them in first place.


OliviaManners said...

It is a little cheeky of me , but I am worried I may forget tomorrow as I'm off to a filed party in Oxford tonight and may loose all sense of communication overnight...

Just wanted to say very best wishes for your birthday tomorrow.

Hope to see you soon.