Monday, 27 July 2009

It's Too Many

Here is the answer to the question on the post How Many Is Too Many.
By the way, you're all rubbish guessers!

I type this with the appropriate amount of shame:

In the pile, there are, wait for it, 83 pairs of knickers.
Plus I did the washing that morning. 15 pairs.
98 nice pairs of knickers.
This isn't counting the boring ones.
I do have a problem.
Anyone have the number of Knickerholics Anonymous?


Angie said...

sometimes hairbrush therapy helps....

Jessica said...

Yes, KA is your only answer!

Alyx said...

Uh...maybe I was wrong. Maybe there CAN be too many knickers! *teasing g*

EmmaJane said...

I have a system. Ypou can borrow it if you want but you may not like it ;-)

Every time I buy new knickers (usually 5 at a time) I throw some away. Not always 5 but at least 2 pairs. So my collection grows but doesn't get unmanageable. Although I'm still too lazy to count them!!

Eliane said...

EJ - THROWING KNICKERS AWAY???!!!! Wash your mouth out straight away! How dare you make such a shocking suggestion on my blog?