Monday, 19 January 2009

Getting into trouble

Various conversations with like-minded friends over the past few weeks have got me thinking (again..!) about why I like spanking, and I've decided that one of the reasons goes back to my childhood, and more specifically my school days.
I never got into trouble at school, and with "never" I exaggerate only a little. I was once kept in at break time when I was 10 because I hadn't finished a piece of work. That's it.
The reason I didn't get into trouble was because I was scared. Not so much of punishment, but of letting people down, of disappointing then. I was terrified of people thinking I wasn't nice, or good. I fundamentally am hard wired to please people, I think. (And no, that is *not* a submissive trait. Let's just not go down that path, OK? For all our sakes!!)
I was also, somehow, scared of losing people's love and respect if I misbehaved. So I didn't. I'm not saying I was never moody, or rude, especially at home: I have been a teenage girl, after all, but I was a Stepford child at school.
So, wandering back towards the point: I think that one of the reasons I like spanking, is that it gives me an opportunity to "get into trouble" in a safe environment. I can misbehave, get into trouble, be "punished", but without the fear of letting people down, or losing their respect. And that, for me, is something very freeing.


Anonymous said...

What did we agree about thinking, Eliane?! Hmm? It endangers yourself and those around you. Clearly Irelynn and I taught you *nothing* this weekend.

Oh well. Guess you'll have to come back and try again ;-) (And if you make any hints about coming back in a particular week in March, you'll be smited, got it?! I'm still considering!)

Indy said...

I definitely agree with you here, Eliane-- the joy of being naughty in a way that doesn't affect my real life (except to bring me closer to my playmates) is so liberating. Even though I'm not so much of a people pleaser and wasn't always a good girl at school. I was better behaved than Smudge, though!

You can't spite Eliane, Smudge! It would be quite unseemly to put her in the company of those scoundrels to be smited.

Eliane said...

Thank you Indy for defending me against Smudge!! You are winning my undying loyalty. Now all you need to do is come over here and be naughty with us!!

Katella said...

This is me to a T! Everything you described in this post is me. Never in trouble, scared of letting people down and disappointing them. I enjoy the spanking because I know that I can misbehave to get there, but after the spanking I am forgiven and still loved. :) It makes me feel good to discover other new blogs and read how similar I am to other spankos after feeling strange and alone for so long!