Wednesday 20 May 2009

A Fairytale

Once upon a time, about four or five years ago, there was a girl (well, she was 27, but you know what I mean). She knew that she had certain desires and thoughts, but was too scared to do anything about them. Then one day she typed the word spanking into an Internet search page, and was amazed at all the results she got back. She browsed and eventually stumbled across a web site selling stories by authors who seemed to speak directly to her thoughts and desires. She read stories by these authors voraciously.
About three years later, after much reading online, she felt more ready to express these desires she had. She found a website called Informed Consent, and started lurking on there, reading people's posts, getting a sense of who was who, finding links to other sites and blogs. She was particularly intrigued by a group of people who seemed to be linked to her favourite two blogs. They obviously knew each other, played together and were good friends. Their kinks seemed to be similar to her own. They seemed like some sort of charmed circle to the girl. A group of untouchable people who led this amazing, charmed kinky life. She was fascinated by them, and, to be honest, a little jealous that they were living the life that she would dearly love to be living.

Eventually, she plucked up courage and started commenting on the blogs that she liked so much. She commented occasionally for a couple of months, and then one day, out of the blue, (and in fact, to prove this really is a fairy tale, on her birthday) one of the writers emailed her. Not long after they started an email conversation, the girl realised that the person writing to her was one of the authors of the stories she had loved so many years ago. She was bowled over. It was like being emailed by spanking royalty...!
In time, she met this person "in real life", and gradually got to know friends of theirs until eventually, nine months later, she realised that she had somehow become part of that "charmed circle", and all those people whose writing she had admired from afar, and whose opportunities to live their kinky lives she had been jealous of, were now well on the way to becoming loved and valued friends.
If someone had told the girl that a year ago, she never would have believed them. Isn't it funny how life works?
There is, of course, a conventional way to end a fairytale, but I prefer to end this one by saying:
Most definitely not "The End" ;-)


Graham said...

Hey, I know this fairytale! You left out the part where she decides to help other timid girls fulfill their fairytale dreams too : )

Abel1234 said...

Awww. This is such a lovely, touching post.

The "circle" would feel so incomplete without you, now...

Hugs xx

Caroline Grey said...

Oh, I just fell a little bit in love with you with that story.

I think a lot of us have some similar stories to tell, but your was especially charming.

And you know it just gets better and better when you pay it forwards the way that you so obviously do.

EmmaJane said...

This is lovely :) And very encouraging to others who might be lurking on your site who'd like to join the circle themselves!

Indy said...

Wonderful post, Eliane.

Alyx said...

Mmm, that's sweet. Life does provide magic sometimes, doesn't it? I'm glad it happened to you. :)