Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Staying Down For A Caning

I was thinking about caning today, and how much better I've become at "taking" a caning. Obviously some of this is just that my tolerance level is building, but I think some is down to the positions I've been caned in more recently.
I used to fantasise pretty much exclusively canes, so the hottest fantasies for me were those where I was being caned in a "traditional" style, bending over and touching my toes, or with my hands on a chair. As with all these things, reality intervened. Whilst I can actually touch my toes (mostly because I have long arms!) it's not exactly a comfortable position to be dealt with in!
The first few times I was caned, it was mostly bent over with my hands on the sofa or on a chair. I always had real trouble staying down, and there was one infamous occasion where it took me 30 minutes to get through 12 strokes.
But the last few times I've been caned I've been able to "lean" on things, and I've discovered it makes it so much easier to take the strokes. If I'm able to support the top half of my body on a table, or over something else, for some reason it makes it WAY easier to take. I really don't know why, but it's true. Even better of course, is kneeling on a spanking bench, like I did in the club on Saturday. That of course, is because I can't just stand up, like I can do if I'm just bending over. However, even leaning on things helps a lot, though I can't think why. Strange really. Maybe it's just psychological.


Kami Robertson said...

I used to like a lot being bend over the table, with my elbows and palms on it. I think I used to associate it with dignity, the kind of proud position to be dealt with in, and show I can be brave.
But it's generally true it is easier to keep still than while you do not have support for your upper body.
Oh, and I'm hopeless with touching my toes too LOL Often impact just knocks me over LOL

"I was thinking about caning today, "
And no, not just today, I'm pretty sure you think about caning every day :P

EmmaJane said...

I can't touch my toes, which really disappoints me :(

But I can usually manage to stay down whatever postition I'm put into. My fav game is to try not move at all, although that somemtimes leads to me getting hit harder!

The Headmaster said...

A fascinating discussion, ladies. We still have our flogging stool here, and use it now and again...