Wednesday 13 May 2009

Was this wrong of me?

So, was it wrong of me to spend most of my meeting today trying to avoid putting my bendy figures into spanking positions instead of concentrating?
I suspect it was *more* wrong to steal said bendy figures and take them away to fulfil my day's desires and then take photos of them:

OTK Bendy Spanking

Corner time for naughty bendys

More spanking


EmmaJane said...
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EmmaJane said...

ROFL, how very creative of you!

Although I had to look at the third one again; at first glance it looks like something else ;)

(or maybe that's just my filthy mind!)

Alyx said...

That's hilarious, and yes, very naughty. *g*

The third one made me think of spanking the "kitty," for some reason, so maybe my mind is as filthy as EmmaJane's. :)

Graham said...

And you said constructing schoolgirl alter egos was unproductive!!!

Rebecca said...

Ah, I just want to know what position they're in now...

littlenic said...

In my past, I've run meetings using exactly these figures. And I don't say anything up front, but always gave a prize to the first person to put them in a filthy position! So you're not alone... and if you want more, i've got a box full! :-)

Eliane said...

Um, I didn't actually intend for picture three to be quite so rude ;-)
I do feel better today though, as the person next to me in the meeting was putting his bendy people in the most filthy positions. He had quite the orgy going on. It made me look totally sweet and innocent in comparison.

And littlenic - a box of bendy people?! Oooo, don't tempt me!!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny!!! ROFL :-)

Take care,

Jay Walker said...

Hi Elaine.
I wouldn't worry too much about spending all day putting said bendies into possitions.
It's when you give them names and start makeing clothes for them that you have to worry.
Hugs, Jay