Sunday, 21 June 2009

Flower Pressing

This weekend I participated in a field trip to the Hellfire Caves, created by Sir Francis Dashwood, and home of the infamous Hellfire Club. There were several of us, and we of course behaved ourselves impeccably and had no naughty thoughts whatsoever. Not at all. Angels, us. Stop snickering at the back!

Anyway, afterwards we were sitting relaxing in a rather un-kinky location, and we rapidly realised that we couldn't really talk about spanking quite as openly as we wanted to. What to do? Change the conversation and talk about something boring, or carry on as we were? Bright as a spark, someone came up with the best euphemism for spanking I've ever heard: "Flower Pressing". So, it is decided. From now on, spanking will no longer be called spanking but "flower pressing". Love it.


Jesscia said...

I really -ing had a good day :)

However, I think my favourite line was "The thing is, if I wanted him to flower-press me rather than me flower-press him, I wouldn't describe myself as a flower-prsser"

Clear as mud!

Angie said...

that is just Too funny! I was thinking of some converstions just like the first commentor described!


Master Retep said...

Jesscia's comment reminds me of one overheard on a bus control radio many years ago. "Jim, are you the 7th 45?". "Yes". "Well the bus in front is the one behind". "Fine". ??????

Hermione said...

This is too funny! I couldn't wait to read the post because I have a flower-press and wondered if you were going to share some tips and such.

So, the top is the presser and the bottom is the pressee? Or is the top the flower-press and the bottom the flower?


Eliane said...

Hermione, I'm so sorry to disappoint ;-) And yes, I think the bottom must be the flower and the top the press, that's very appropriate!

Ernest said...

I was very interested to read that you had been to the Hellfire caves, because I have just been, too, but about a week after you.

If it had been a week earlier, I should now be frantically trying to remember whether I had heard anyone in the cafe or at the house talking about flower-pressing!

But it is a most evocative spot - one can just imagine 18C people down there doing what we like to (very cold, though, I wouldn't recommend it - though I suppose the ladies wouldn't stay cold for long!)

About your call for suggestions for a new, 'maturer' Blog title, how about "New-ish to Spanking" - it does have the advantage of being similar to what people are used to, as well as more accurate!

I love your blog, BTW, which I have only just found.