Sunday 14 June 2009

Her First Caning

I acted as "test guinea pig" for EmmaJane last night. We had been chatting for a while about topping and she decided to try and teach me by very kindly offering up her bum for my use.
Well, I was UTTERLY rubbish at handspanking (truly, truly bad) so she tried a few times on me to try and get me to see the difference between cupped hands and uncupped hands (or something), but gave up and suggested I try with a slipper. I did actually manage to get some sort of semblance of technique with the slipper, but to be honest my heart really wasn't in it. I can absolutely talk the toppy talk, as I'm a bossy wench, but when it comes to walking the walk, not so much.
In the end we gave up with me trying to learn to top, but apparently my failure made her decide that *someone* had to top for the evening so she proceeded (with my blessing of course!) to spank me, use my bath brush that she "liberated" from the bathroom, and then cane me, which was the first time she'd ever caned anyone. We used my thicker cane on the basis that it's easier to control, and she made a damn good job of it. There was the odd stroke that wrapped a bit, but I've had that with much more experienced caners. Pretty much all of them landed on target, and she managed to get a few blinders in there as well! In fact (don't tell her this, I don't want her to get a big head) but it's still sore this morning!

So there we go, EmmaJane has now caned a real life human being, and I was happy to oblige by providing a real life bottom. I hope she enjoyed the experience as much as I did!


Angie said...

Um, about your caning?

What's a 'blinder'?


Jessica said...

Well if you will get drunk on champagne and let your friend cane you, that's what happens young lady!

Blinder = 'a bloody good one' :)

Rebecca said...

It's all about getting drunk on champagne on Sundays...though thankfully none of my friends caned me - vanilla event so would have been a bit odd!