Sunday, 28 June 2009

Singing and Clubbing

Two very contrasting events yesterday. First a visit to Singa-Longa-Hairspray with kinky friends. "Singa Longa" events are where a film, with subtitles, is played and the audience sing along. Simple really. The audience composition was as follows. In an audience of about 200, there were 6 men, 60 adults, and about 130 six year old girls. Which made for some long queues during the interval! After a very vanilla afternoon we headed home, practicing our dance moves to "You Can't Stop The Beat", and proceeded to transform ourselves into kinky goddesses for a night out at a club. Well, goddesses might be stretching it a bit too far. Given the heat and humidity it was more like "kinky wilting women" but we tried!
I wasn't actually feeling too good yesterday, and was seriously considering not going out, but I did manage to "get my kink on" this time, which I was pleased with. The downside though, was that my pain tolerance was non existent. I rather unfairly got dobbed in it by one friend who gleefully pointed out that I had just been saying "F*** the b*st*rds" in a very loud voice. In my defence I was actually pointing out that said phrase was a lot more satisfying than the non-swearing alternative of "Darn those people of questionable parentage" that had been proposed, but that didn't stop me being ordered over to a bench.
The first hand spanks felt like fire burning into my bum and thighs, which was when I realised that I was going to have a hard time taking much at all. For once I was in a sensible mood, and actually told this to my play partner, who, bless him, made sure he was being gentle with me. After a while he asked me if I would prefer the cane or the tawse. My answer was instant - the tawse. If anyone had come near me with a cane last night I would have run like the wind in the opposite direction. The tawse actually turned out to be a strap, but it was actually quite a nice one, and about thirty or so strokes later I was released from the bench for a nice hug, and was very glad I'd managed to overcome my reservations and "get my kink on" after all.


Jessica said...

Awww, sorry for dropping you in it (for the 3,456th time). :(

But the dancing was fabulous!

EmmaJane said...

Yay for getting one's kink on!

Eliane said...

Jessica, why lie, you're totally not sorry for dropping me in it ;-)

Rebecca said...

No Eliane, she isn't but then you're not sorry she did either ;-) But I am sorry for dropping you in it too...honestly...

Angie said...

okay, now curious as to what the movie was. And gawd, can just imagine the lines!

oh and if you are ever looking for a new curse phrase, here's one from back in my Army days (not that I'd ever say it now, of course...)

F...! The is well F...ed!

Always thought that would work out well for one of those classroom scenarios- 'Class, can someone please diagram the following sentence?'