Thursday, 4 June 2009

Non Spanking "Punishments"

I was inspired by a post involving mouth soaping on Lowewood today to consider my opinions on non-spanking punishments.
So, in no particular order:
  • Mouth Soaping - never had it done to me, though given my often foul mouth, this is possibly a little surprising. Do I ever want to have it done to me? 95% of me says no, 5% secretly says yes.
  • Corner Time - I don't intrinsically have a problem with this, but I don't like having to put my hands on my head as my arms go numb really quickly!
  • Lines - Don't make me do them. Seriously, I can't think of anything worse. Well, obviously I can, but you know what I mean. Especially don't expect me to write *neat* lines. I'm dyslexic. I don't do neat when it comes to handwriting.
  • Anything else involving writing or copying - see above. If I could do it on the computer, of course, this would be a different matter.

I'm not actually all that imaginative when it comes to things like this (which is probably why I'm not a top!) so I must have missed some stuff - let me know what it is, and then I can have a think about how much I would love, hate, or love/hate it...!


Haron said...

How about mindless punishment chores? Such as separating beans from peas, or cleaning tiles with a toothbrush. (My worst nightmare!)

Master Retep said...

You may not have tidy handwriting, but I've read your blogs and you're not dyslexic, no way.

Eliane said...

Master Retep: I am dyslexic. Diagnosed at the age of 12. I'm lucky in that it's only mild dyslexia, and my parents could afford to pay for private tutoring as soon as I was diagnosed which helped. I'm also lucky that I now live in the digital age, as writing on the computer helps me immesurably, a) because of the spell check, and b) because it easier to "see" the text.
However the biggest manifestation of my dyslexia is, was (and probably always will be) short term memory problems. An example the other day - I took a coffee order at work for two people. I had to go back and ask them four times to remind me what they wanted, as each time by the time I had got to the coffee machine I'd forgotten. Or copying from a board is a difficult and hated task for me because in the time between reading what is on the board and going to write it down, I've forgotten it. And I promise if you actually saw anything written of mine, you would see I am "classically" dyslexic, and not just someone with poor handwriting. My clumsiness and rubbish co-ordination (thankfully improved with age and LOTS of practice) are also other symptoms.
Sorry for the slightly defensive comment, but I spent the first twelve years of my life being constantly told off for being careless when I was being anything but, so it is something I get on the defensive about.

Anonymous said...

What about wearing clothes you hate? Like a very short school uniform and then being made to show the after effects of a good spanking, like a few red hand prints on your thighs to show off at the mall as you are led around, holding Sirs hand?

Strict Daddy NJ :)

Master Retep said...

Your response is justified.I apologise if I appeared to belittle a genuine handicap, nothing was further from my thoughts. I totally accept that it is a real problem for many people. More power to you girl for learning skills in chilhood and then harnessing technology to the extent that I, with no knowledge of you other than your own written words, had no inkling. Keep doing it the way your doing it 'cause it works.

Eliane said...

M.R. Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

I am not dyslexic Eliane…but I could not live without spell-check. And I agree on those lines as a punishment they are a bit of a cop out....considering a trip across a knee would sort out this problem in minutes…or hours…depends on the girl really!!

Kami Robertson said...

Now and then I hear people saying something like 'and the punishment will be lack of punishment/spanking'. It's really such a crap :/. And I feel sorry for those guys if they think it sounds hot. Well, not for me anyway. But clearly, a non-spankig punishment, right? ;)

Constance said...

'I'm not actually all that imaginative when it comes to things like this (which is probably why I'm not a top!)'

Actually, I find that the person on the receiving end is often the more imaginative member of a relationship when it comes to punishment. Some of the 'worst' things my lover has ever done to me were MY idea! (Which is why I once suggested he gag me, to try to get me to stop it with the bright ideas.)