Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Happy Blogiversary To Me!

A year today, I started a blog. I'm not entirely sure why, to be honest. As an experiment? As a place to put my thoughts? Out of curiosity? Anyway whatever the reason, here I am a year later, still putting my random rubbish out into the ether.
I have a bit of a problem though. I'm not really that new to spanking anymore. To be frank, "New To Spanking" was probably a pretty dumb choice of title. After all, I'd already been spanked three or four times when I started the blog. Why call it something that has a finite life span as a title?!
So, I can't change the URL without starting a whole new blog, but I can change the title.
This is where you come in - you can help me think of a new title.
Some friends have already tried to help. The one who suggested "Slightly Soiled To Spanking" knows who she is and knows that I'm not amused!

Maybe I could use "Not So New To Spanking"? "Sophomore at Spanking"? Or just leave it as "New To Spanking"
As you can see, I'm not very good at this game, so if you can think of any good ideas, I'd love to hear them!


Haron said...

"Eliane's Adventures in Spanking"?

Happy blogiversary, anyway!

ronnie said...

Happy blogiversary.

That's a hard one. Haron's is a good idea.


Julie said...

Happy Blogiversary from me as well. :-)
I'm certainly relieved that my blog has a title with an infinite life span - though it is more a promise to the future than anything, since my bottom hasn't been the shade of chilies yet.
I like the sophomore one, and Haron's as well. Unfortunately, I seem to have a lack of creativity right now..

Hermione said...

Happy blogiversary, Eliane.

How about New to spanking - NOT!


EmmaJane said...

Yay, go you :D Happy Blogiversary!!!

How about 'Eliane: Newbie spanko no more'

Paul said...

Eliane, congratulations.
How about: Sampling Spankings Galore.
Warm hugs,

Kami Robertson said...

Happy blogiversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was it really a year? (I know, rubish to say that but when you have fun times goes soooooooooo fast ;) )

I like 'Not so new to the spanking' but it can stay as it is too. MAkes you sound innocent, only those who know you know it's not true ;)

Have you been spanked to celebrate your blogiversary? Can I spank you virtually? LOL

Master Retep said...

Congratulations, that gives me ab ut 11 months to catch up. I was going to suggest "Used to Spanking" but Emma's "Newbie Spanko No More" is much better and gets my vote.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to you. Well, seeing as you so roundly rejected my *other* suggestion (snigger), how about 'Spank you for the Music?'

Bonnie said...

Hi Elaine, and congratulations!

I'm always fond of a double entendre like "Spanking Lessons Learned" or "Spanking Romance." Or maybe you could go with a clever twist of phrase like, "Bend Over Forward" or "Corporal Pleasurement."

Anyhow, I hope you are able to celebrate this milestone in appropriate fashion!


Eliane said...

Thank you all for your suggestions - I'm considering them all :-D

As for celebrating in style, no, I have so far, but how does one celebrate a blog's first birthday anyway? One spank seems a little lame!

Kami Robertson said...

There is always an option of the number of posts you made ;)

Eliane said...

Kami Robertson, be quiet immeadiately!! Number of posts you made, indeed. What a suggestion! That must be getting on for 200, and there's no way on this earth I'm having a 200-spank spanking!

Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary - for some reason my comment yesterday didn't show - I like not so new too :)

Abel1234 said...

Wishing you an ever-so-slightly belated happy blogiversary, and congrtulations on a year's worth of really great and thought-provoking writing.

Kami Robertson said...

Yeah, I thought you would like my suggestion ;)
But I will just shut up now ;)

Indy said...

Congratulations on a fine first year blogging, Eliane. I look forward to the next no matter what you decide to call the blog!