Thursday, 11 June 2009

Stately Homes

I have had a new experience in the last couple of weeks - stately home visiting with kinky folk. I have always been a fan of history and stately homes, a National Trust and English Heritage member for years, and always up for a stately home visit. Basically I'm a history nut - the earlier the better, I love all things pre-Tudor but most stuff will "float my boat".
Since I became more open about my kink to myself I've enjoyed these visits rather more. So much history to get lose oneself in, so many scenarios to imagine. What I have now discovered is that these visits are so much more fun in kinky company. All it takes is an exchange of looks by a particular table, or chest, or chair to know exactly what another person is thinking, and it's guaranteed to be dirty. Butter pats or carpet beaters in the kitchen/scullery will provoke fits of giggles which will have other people turning round wondering what's so funny. The scenarios that can be created and whispered while wandering round are all the more fun for being shared with people. I seem to be driven to even greater heights (or should that be depths!) of imagination by the company of other kinksters. Stately home visits with, say, my mother, will never hold quite the same appeal again!


Hermione said...

I thought that very same thing when we went on a tour of an old home last year. I think there were wooden paddles of some sort, with printing on them. razor strops are nice to see, too.

a semi-kinky observation: the houses and the rooms in them are huge, but the beds are tiny! Barely room for two.


Jessica said...

I always have this as well! For some reasons, large oak tables, wide-tread stairs, balustrades, anything bendable overable, works for me. Or I imagine I'm the lady of the house. Or the maid.
This last weekend, The Lover and I went to Ham House - and got far to excited when the guidance notes told us to go to the Duchess's private chamber via the back-stairs and servants entrance. Fnar Fnar!

Master Retep said...

Maybe there is scope here for you to set up a business of themed tours of stately homes, perhaps with interactive demonstrations by the guide. I mean themed role play by actors is all the rage in the more upmarket heritage parks and interperative centres.

Brambleberry Blush said...

My imagination goes wild in places like this--so many possibilities! I am curious why "butter pats" would excite you though.


Abel1234 said...

Someone needs to spank Carly with a butter pat:

Do good girls get spanked with a pat of butter instead?!

Eliane said...

Always nice when someone else does the hard work for you... thank you Abel :-)

As for spanking with a pat of butter - did you never take a first aid class? One never puts butter on a burn ;-)

Master Retep said...

I just read the last comment as "One never puts butter on a bum"- same difference I suppose.