Friday, 19 June 2009


I'm a spiller. In more than one sense of the word actually, given that I'm always dropping and spilling things. Right now though, I mean in the "spilling my guts" context. I'm not good at telling lies, for starters, so I generally don't bother. In fact I'm so bad, that my mother (who in all fairness knows me very well) can spot a lie in a one word answer I give, *via the phone*. She asked me a question yesterday, and I said, in a perfectly even tone, "Yes". "That means no", she replied. She was right as well... That's how bad I am at lying.
But in addition to that, I'm a spiller. I just can't keep my mouth shut if I've done something wrong. I'll drop myself in it in the blink of an eye. Even while my brain is screaming "shutupshutupshutup" my mouth will be admitting to something that never would have been known about otherwise.
So this is my new challenge to myself: to learn to stop getting myself into trouble when there is no need. Not the most honourable challenge in the world, but I'm sure it will make my life slightly easier!


Master Retep said...

It may make life easier, but it will make it much duller for those around you.

Saffron said...

It comes to mind recently, that although my Dom had no idea I had hidden any implements, nor asked for them, on one look I spilled that I had....

Actually I spill a lot. I cannot lie very well at all. I just have to tell when I have done something wrong - or if I fib.

A real conundrum if you ask bot pays!

Angie said...

You poor thing! I do wish you the best in your endeavor.

Although do keep in mind, that some spankers consider not telling them when you are in trouble, even if they don't directly ask, to be lying by ommision, and there are usually consequences for that.

Jessica said...

Being able to lie to a dom is a very important attribute and one I've mastered ages ago. Shall we get some practise in together?

Eliane said...

@Saffron - spilling is a pain, you need to get a handle on that!

@Angie - "Lying by ommision"? Moi? I'd never do that. *trys to look sweet and innocent*

@Jessica - Oh yes, please, I need a mentor!