Monday 15 June 2009


This is possibly a slightly dangerous post to write, as some of the people who I play with actually read this blog, but I want to talk about sulking, specifically my sulking when I'm being spanked.
If I'm genuinely being told off for something, or am role playing, I've realised that I have this terrible habit of going into a sulk! Role playing over the weekend, I was dealt with for a minor misdemeanor, only a few strokes of a paddle I think, and was sent back to carry on with what I was doing (an art lesson), but I just sat at my desk and sulked. I'm actually surprised I didn't get dragged up and dealt with again, as I'm sure my attitude must have been fairly obvious, or maybe I'm getting better at hiding these things.
Now in this particular situation, some of the sulking was my character, but a fair portion of it was Eliane, just having a good old sulk. I find it often happens, albeit unconsciously, when I've not been punished enough. I don't really *mean* to sulk, but unless I have been made to feel contrite before the spanking begins, the first few minutes only serves to turn me into a sulky brat who feels mistreated. And if the spanking stops there, I continue feeling like a sulky brat who has been mistreated! Of course, if said spanking carries on, I rapidly become more contrite. The mere swish of a cane will ensure that... but the conclusion I seem to be coming to is that I need to have the sulks whacked out of me. But shhhh, don't tell anybody who might actually try and do that.


Angie said...

I wish you luck.

Perhaps some corner time before, and after your spanking would help.

And good luck with your exploration into the spanking life.


Master Retep said...

You' ve hit a raw nerve.I'm familiar with that phenomenon, you're not alone. Initially I found it challenging as a loving master. I thought that it was an indication that my punishment was inappropriate or mistimed, that I had got it wrong, again!

It takes experience, careful observation and courage, strangely, for a top to realise that you must punish through the sulk and out the other side. To abandon your sub at the sulking point can be really mean and unsatisfying for them.

Least ways, that's one thing I think I've learned recently.